USS Unification
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First Impressions

Posted on Wed May 7th, 2014 @ 1:34am by Lieutenant Olivia Dawn & Lieutenant Colonel Elena Wright

Mission: Episode 3 - Winds of Change
Location: Outside of Main Engineering
Timeline: Day 1 0915

She looked up and the woman who was before her, she looked strong and rather manly.

"Hi!" she said coming to her feet, attempting to be graceful. which never ended well for Ollie. She heard a loud clank in the Engine Room and she looked back, "OI! You're supposed to repair this bucket not destroy it Twitchie!" she screamed.

"I am Lt. Olivia Dawn you're new Engineer." she said in a calm voice, "by chance are you the first officer?"

As by now had become a basic procedure for her on new ships Elena was just exploring the decks. The discovery as she approached Engineering however was quite a special one.

"That would be correct Lieutenant, did you not get trained on how to greet a superior officer?" Elena responded.

"Well considering this has not been a normal start to a new officers day, I would have to say no." Ollie said brushing off her pants and stood at attention. "Lieutenant Olivia Dawn reporting for duty Ma'am."

Elena nodded "At ease Lieutenant, I take it you have an office. Might be easier to take this there"

"Huh, what I have an office? I haven't even toured the ship, or atleast, walked thru the ship without tripping on a bulkhead. The ACEO tells me that we are lacking in the Engine Room, any particular reason why?" she said moving her way thru engineering to the upper causeways, hoping her office was somewhere there.

"Because usually the introduction to a senior officer takes a larger conversation than randomly meeting in the bulkheads" Elena responded as she followed the Lieutenant.

She looked at the woman confused and repeated what she said in her head, perhaps she misunderstood,"No no, I know that Colonel, it is in regards to the Engineers, did you guys go on a shooting spree or something?"

"Not that I know of, this ship has a fully new crew so most are probably still finding their way aboard" Elena responded.

The arrived in her office, there were crates of her personal belongings, much that she did not expect to be in her office, "Can I offer you something Colonel?"

Her eyes were still plastered to her bountiful bosom, considering that one of them was the size of her head. It was not that she was a lesbian or anything, she was well, envious. With her SupraBra hers we like pins pointing out of her shirt.

"A Raktajino please" Elena said before taking a seat. "Now, please tell me more about your professional history as I lack the personnel file on you at the moment"

"A bit here a bit there, mostly working with Anti-Matter/Matter Injectors, and sub-spacial fields. I did my final papers on the 'Ominous affects of high velocity warp travel and its outcomes.' and worked my way into the field." she paused, retrieved the Raktajino, "What about you?"

Elena nodded. "Primarily Marine roles on Liberty Station and before this assignment Executive Officer on the USS Hawk"

"Cool!" she smiled taking a sip out of a curly straw pretruding from an oversized glass. "Do you like Exec-ing?" she said not to sure about the nomenclature of the command department, partially because of lack of interest, mostly because of her desire not too follow that path.

"Command is a natural part of any Marine's life, so yes I do like it" Elena said before drinking the last bit of Klingon coffee. "I think I must return to the Bridge"

She looked at the Colonel and smiled, "So do I need to do the salute-y thing?"

"Everytime you see a senior officer Lieutenant, every time" Elena said with a slight smile before turning around and heading back to the bridge.

She looked at the XO sucked in her gut, and saluted. Looking down she became automatically deflated, she sucked in her gut deeper in an attempt to make her lady bits stand out even further. "I will never have 'em." she said to herself.

A Joint post by

Ollie Dawn and Elena Wright.


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