USS Unification


Episode 1 - One Arrow Does Not Kill the Serpent

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USS Unification has left Hermitage and is en route to the last known sensor location of the USS Antares.

Part of Season 2

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Episode 1A - Welcome Aboard

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Everyone is coming aboard the USS Unification.

Part of Season 1

Episode 1B - Welcome Aboard Reboot

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Part of Season 1

Episode 2 - Whispers in the Clouds

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Part of Season 1

Episode 3 - Winds of Change

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This mission is set during the month after the USS Unification was destroyed.

Part of Season 1

Episode 4 - Parallels

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With 8 ships brought in from the Alpha Quadrant, the USS Unification is scheduled to survey a system.

Part of Season 1

Episode 5 - Whispers In The Clouds

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Whispers In The Clouds - The Conclusion

Part of Season 1