USS Unification

Lieutenant Colonel Elena Wright

Name Elena Kristina Wright

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Elena is a relatively tall woman of average weight. She has long blonde hair and green eyes. Due to her training she is somewhat muscular.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Retired Captain Jonathan Wright sr.
Mother Hilke Weiss
Brother(s) Commander Jonathan Wright jr.(Age: 36)
2nd Lieutenant Mathias Wright(Age: 23)
Sister(s) Dr. Jennifer Wright(Age: 28)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elena is a silent woman, despite being from a large family she has always preferred solitude and her own personal space. However once one breaks through the shell they will encounter a most loyal friend who can be trusted under all circumstances.

Despite her silence she is highly observant, almost nothing that happens will miss her eye and it is this which has always made her such an excellent Marine, combined with an absolute loyalty to the job one can always count on Elena to serve the Federation to the best of her abilities.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Extremely loyal
+Focused on the job
+Highly observant

-Not always fast enough in responding to an unexpected situation
Ambitions A flag officer position within the Marine Corps, potentially even Commandant.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
-Martial Arts
-Reading books

-Military history

Personal History Elena was born as the second child of Jonathan Wright and Hilke Weiss, during the first seven years of her life she had the perfect childhood. Her father had been assigned to a Starfleet post in Berlin and her mother was just living at home. From an early age it became clear Elena was a fighter, she could often be found fighting off larger classmates and at times even winning. Things only got worse when her father got a command and thus was away for most of the time. She kept getting into fights and getting in touch with the wrong crowds. Results at school suffered as a result and she had truly become the black sheep of the family. When she was twelve she was pushed back to reality when her actions almost got her youngest brother(who was five at the time) killed in an accident. From that moment on she focused all efforts on her education and staying as clear from the wrong people as possible.

Once she turned eighteen the only logical choice within Starfleet was to join the Marine Corps. They were a well trained and well disciplined group, exactly the kind of command structure Elena needed. Of course with the Dominion war still fresh in everyone's mind the Marine Corps had just the kind of thing she needed. During her training she developed herself into an excellent officer and finished in the top of her class.

After graduation she was assigned to Liberty Station near the Cardassian border. With the station responsible for the protection of the colony and piracy on an absolute high since the chaos within Cardassia more than once she and her Marines would fight to protect those around them. Luckily however she never got seriously wounded. Early on during her deployment to Liberty Station she was approached by Starfleet Intelligence to participate in their operations due to the closeness of the colony to the Cardassian border, while still formally and effectively active as a Marine on the colony these operations would take her into Cardassian territory often on covert operations. Following 8 years of assignment to Liberty Station and after having completed Command school she applied for a position within the fleet under a program intended to get more Marines in command level positions. Her redeployment to the USS Hawk was quickly approved. Mere days after the launch of said ship it would already be faced with its first major incident as a freighter was found that carried a dangerous virus on board. As leader of the away team on the freighter she, like other members got infected by the virus however the medical staff on the Hawk managed to find a cure before the disease reached the lethal stage. She remained Executive Officer on the Hawk for several months more. Early 2388 she was approached by Starfleet Command for another assignment more fitting to her experience obtained in Intelligence and on the Cardassian border. As such she was offered the XO position on the Unification and a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel as her experiences with the Cardassians would most certainly prove useful in the Gamma Quadrant due to the history of said race and quadrant.
Service Record 2375: Cadet First Year
2376: Cadet Second Year
2377: Cadet Third Year
2378: Cadet Fourth Year
2379-2380: Liberty Station, Squad Leader
2380-2381: Liberty Station, Platoon Commander
2381-2383: Liberty Station, Company Commander
2383-2387: Liberty Station, Detachment Deputy Commander
2387-2387: USS Hawk, Executive Officer
2387-2388: USS Hawk, Executive Officer
2388: USS Unification, Executive Officer