USS Unification
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Time to Get to Work

Posted on Wed Feb 13th, 2019 @ 4:19am by Rear Admiral Vadosia Adislo & Lieutenant Commander Tevak
Edited on on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 7:41am

Mission: Episode 1 - One Arrow Does Not Kill the Serpent
Location: Hermitage; Unknown
Timeline: MD01 || 0900

Looking out of the window of the room they were in, the vista before him was beautiful and tranquil. Hills of green for kilometers, a few wisps of cloud in the sky. True peace. Rear Admiral Vadosia Adislo felt a calm. Knowing the Consortium were defeated, ‘No’ he thought to himself. ‘Subdued’ is a more accurate. Knowing they were no longer the threat they once were, he allowed himself a moment of peace and clarity he had not felt for a long time. A chime went off, indicated Tevak was using the intercom.

Admiral, apologies for the interup…

“I said no interruptions at all. What the hell do you want Tevak?” He replied, a bit more acerbic than he had intended.

Apologies Admiral. But I can tell Admirals Desai and Kriheg to call back at another time perhaps?” For a Vulcan, Tevak was certainly quite the smartass.

“Of course not. Put them through, this is obviously important.” Admirals Desai and Kriheg were the directors of Starfleet Intelligence and Internal Affairs respectively. This was obviously important.

The screen rose vertically from his desk, before the Starfleet Command logo popped up. The computer spoke next. “Please confirm voice print identification.”

“Adislo 9-7-8-Lamda-4.”

Rather than confirm the code, the screen switched from the logo to a desk with two Admirals sitting behind it.

Admiral Adislo, I trust you are well?” Vice Admiral Keira Desai of Starfleet Intelligence asked.

“As well as can be, Admiral. How can I be of service?”

Admiral Kriheg spoke first. He was something of an anomaly. A Bajoran, he had risen the ranks to become director of Starfleet Internal Affairs in just 9 years. But he was good at his job. Some said too good. “To be blunt Admiral, while we appreciate the Consortium threat is somewhat over, there are still answers we need. And there are, without doubt, still people loyal to the Consortium around. Off the record, we won't rest until the Consortium threat is eliminated, entirely.

Adislo did not like the direction this was heading. But alas, he knew this day would come eventually. He had already made preparations should it happen. “The Unification. You want her back?” He replied.

Admiral Desai allowed a small smile to form and a subtle nod of the head. Admiral Kriheg looked somewhat confused. “The Unification is still under your command, Admiral.

“Glad to hear it, Admiral. You are going to ask me to personally take charge to find the rest of the Consortium followers in the Gamma Quadrant. I can't do that sitting in an office, so I want the Unification.”

The Bajoran Admiral went to speak, but Desai held her hand up to him. “Not quite. The first part was accurate, but you aren't staying on the Unification, you can stay…” he paused, looking at the view behind him. “You can stay wherever you are. Captain Lambert will remains in command. We have a situation.

Those words with their ominous meaning were not lost on Adislo. “Another one?” He asked, almost smiling, as he doubled checked his security systems to make sure that even Starfleet Intelligence couldn't trace his signal.

Yes. But this is relate to our previous situation.” Admiral Desai replied. “Sunon Mexena has escaped from the the stockade on Jaros II.” Any hint of a smile, as well as any positive feelings fell away from Adislo upon hearing that name. “He had help from some agents inside the facility, and in the orbiting station.

“We never knew the Consortium had made it that far on the other side of the wormhole. He’s on his way here isn't he?” A thought struck him. Though no longer in active command of the Task Force, privileges of rank meant Adislo still heard about most things. It was clear that the Admiral on the screen had noticed something troubling on Adislo’s face and waited for him to speak. “The Antares.”

Desai spoke first. “What about the Antares?” he asked, with some worry in his voice. ‘No, not worry’ he thought. ‘Concern

“The Antares was supposed to report in last night, they are currently” he checked the time on his console. “Around nine hours overdue.” He began to tap his console furiously. You think he is on his way here, don't you.”

It was Admiral Kriheg’s turn to speak. “No, we believe he is already there. He escaped at the end of March, but we have heard chatter from some of his former comrades that he basically made a beeline for the Gamma quadrant. I’ll send through the reports from the stockade. But with this information that the Antares has failed to report in, I don't believe in coincidences Admiral.

Adislo had not felt this uncomfortable since the initial words of Commander Tevak when this all started. ‘It’s happening. “Neither do I. Do we know why he is here? Do we have any information whatsoever? I feel that these two items are connected”

It appears they are connected. What we do know is he escaped aboard an old Klingon bird of prey, and we know they we last seen on a course consistent with Deep Space Nine.” Desai replied. “We are trying to keep this quiet. Anything Lambert doesn't need to know, he doesn't know. Understood?

“No.” The bluntness of Adislo’s reply was evident on both the Admirals faces. “I have known Jacob for a long time. I would trust him, hell, I have trusted him with my life. I will tell him what I think he needs to know. What I think and what you believe may not be the same.”

She sat there, contemplating what Adislo has just said. A moment or two passed before she replied. “Fine, but please use your discretion. Finding all remaining Consortium forces are your standing orders. We can start with Antares. Bring it, and Mexena back. Myself, Starfleet Intelligence, Internal Affairs and Starfleet Security are working together on our end. We will communicate to you any and all information we uncover from this side of the wormhole. Questions?

“None, Admirals.” He replied.

Good, then good hunting. All communications between us from this point require Code 40 protocols enabled. Starfleet Command out.” The screen turned black, and the logo of Starfleet Command appeared, followed by switching off and sliding back into the desk.

Well, he thought to himself. The quiet was fun while it lasted. “Computer deactivate holoscreen.” The view of the window changed, becoming the inside of an asteroid, with the USS Unification docked inside. “Time to get to work.”


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