USS Unification
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Sounds Like a Plan

Posted on Wed Feb 13th, 2019 @ 4:18am by Rear Admiral Vadosia Adislo & Captain Jacob Lambert
Edited on on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 7:41am

Mission: Episode 1 - One Arrow Does Not Kill the Serpent
Location: The Hermitage; Unknown Location
Timeline: MD01 || 0925

The Bolian Admiral tapped the comm panel on his desk. “Adislo to Lambert, report to my office on Hermitage.”

Aye Sir, be there in a few minutes. I just came aboard.” Lambert replied, sounding like he was walking.

The Hermitage was Adislo’s best kept secret, secret from even Commander Tevak, for a while at least. A hollowed out asteroid, a gift from Odo, given to Adislo before the Consortium attacks, but kept secret, and off official records, which left it a good fall back position, which worked out quite nicely, after the Admiral, his yeoman, and Captain Mavroidis and his XO had escaped the compound in his cloaked runabout. Which he also kept secret, in another secret area of Hermitage.

A few minutes passed, and the door chime went off. The door opened and Jacob came in and sat in front of Adislo’s desk, admiring the view of the USS Unification over the Admiral’s shoulder.

“How can I help you Vadosia.” They were long past calling each other by rank.

“I just received a Code 47 communication from the head of Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Internal Affairs.”

Jacob opened his mouth, and let out a small gasp. “Clearly we shouldn't be having this conversation then.” He replied with a sly grin.

A smile appeared on Adislo’s face. “I know, myself and the other Admirals also had that conversation. The long and short of it is the Consortium is not gone completely, and likely won't be for a while. Off the record, of course, they want the Consortium eliminated completely.”

“Of course. Where are you sending the Unification?” Jacob asked.

“Svarog. Approximately nine hours ago the USS Antares was meant to report in.”

“Ok, so what's the plan. Why did SFI and SFIA have to contact you about that?” Jacob asked, with a puzzling look.

“Because just under two months ago, Sunon Mexena escaped the Jaros stockade. That is what the Admiral’s wanted. We think the two are related.”

“That bastard. Do we know how he got out?” Anger filled face. He had been in the Hermitage science lab when they had had finally retrieved the data from the Princeton buoy Adislo had picked up, during the initial stages of the Consortium assault.

“I'm still waiting for the reports from the stockade to come through, but the short version is he had help on the inside, and a cloaked Klingon bird of prey, last seen heading towards DS9, and the wormhole.”

“Do we have any idea what he is up to? Do we have any idea where he is? Or Antares for that matter?

“No idea what he is up to. His location, we have a lead. Remember when they cut off all communications by flooding subspace?”

“Yeah, with that pity is treason message that set everything in motion.”

“Yes. Well they were using the sensor buoys to do it. SI and some of the computer geniuses at Starfleet Command discovered a hidden subset of commands on the sensor buoys. It was simple enough code on the face of it, but it was buried in hidden subroutines, which kept it hidden from any updates. Anyway, whenever a ship tried to communicate with any other ships, the buoys would triangulate its position, and that's…”

“Why that ship suddenly changed course, when Commander Traylor hid us from the buoy”.

“Bingo.” A human phrase Adislo had heard used. “Well, these genius’s reverse engineered some of the code and discovered that there were certain sub frequencies that the Consortium ships were able to communicate to each other on. While they can't give us an exact location, they can give us a rough area of about 8-10 light years, which while still a huge area, let's us narrow it down somewhat. There will be other assets in play, but I am keeping those quiet for now.”

“But we disabled the Consortium ships, right? And Antares was back in our hands, and on a patrol wasn't it?” Jacob asked.

“Yes, and yes. However it appears that Antares computer systems were never fully wiped, presumably there were more agents on the ship than we accounted for, when we took it's crew prisoner.”

“Sounds like a plan. So when do we get started.”

“Right now. I have uploaded what information we have on the Antares. She was last reported in the vicinity around the Svarog sector. You depart the Hermitage at 1100 hours. Good luck Jacob. Dismissed.”


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