USS Unification
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Let's Go Hunting

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 7:57am by Captain Jacob Lambert & Commander Kestra Amanin & Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Matthews & Lieutenant Magnus Arynson Jr
Edited on on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 7:41am

Mission: Episode 1 - One Arrow Does Not Kill the Serpent
Location: USS Unification; Conference Room
Timeline: MD01 || 1010

He stood and walked out of his Ready Room. On the bridge were a majority of his senior officers. He looked to the XO, who was in the Command chair. "Senior Staff to the observation lounge, 5 minutes ago." The tone in his voice was not one for questioning right now. He was practically seething on the inside. He had known Kala Leran for years. And his anger was definitely going to play a part in the mission to come. He was in the conference room a few moments later, and sat at the head of the table.

Kestra turned to her commander somewhat surprised by the tone, she hadn't known the man long but she didn't need her abilities either to sense he was raging. "Yes, sir" She replied.

A massively built Earth human male with long black hair that was tied back and tucked under his gold colored uniform entered the Conference Room, his alert brown eyes scanning every corner before they settled on the human male in a Command red uniform who looked very angry to a practiced eye. As yet, MJ hadn't met the man and he was assuming this wouldn't be a good time. However, he had been called as he was senior staff, so he was entering new territory in more ways than one.

A strong contrast to either man, the doors to the conference room opened yet again, allowing the ship's Chief Engineer to enter the room. Jenni was a small woman, both in height and frame. She also carried a bright smile on her face, yet another stark contrast to the others in the room. "Morning, all," she said, nodding to both men and taking her seat.

Kestra walked into the room and sat down in the chair nearest to the Captain, opting to maintain silent for now.

"Morning. I'm just going to cut to the chase. The USS Antares is approximately 9 hours overdue to report into to HQ. We are being sent to their last known location, in the Svarog system. To make things worse, approximately 53 days ago, Sunon Mexena managed to escape from the stockade on Jaro II. These two incidences are believed to be linked." Lambert couldn't believe this was happening. He felt, as Admiral Adislo did, that the Consortium were confined to the shadows once more. But this was bringing up a lot of emotions he had put behind him.

Or at least thought he had.

"Is there any reported activity in that region from anyone?" MJ asked.

"Only the Antares." He replied.

"Sunon Mexena?" Jenni asked, the name not registering with her memory. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the Captain and then to the Chief of Security. Aside from his comment, Jenni didn't have anything else to add to the briefing at hand.

The very name made Jacob seeth inside. As professional as he was, this was going to be a damned hard mission. "He was the Captain of the Antares. He is responsible for the destruction of the USS Princeton." He let those words hang for a few moments. 565 officers and crew. Including his friend, Captain Kala Leran.

Jenni pulled her head back ever so slightly. Ever since she'd been assigned to the Gamma Quadrant, the Consortium events had been required reading for all crewmembers, just to help them prepare for what they could be facing. The Princeton, as Jenni recalled, was the first ship to fall during the uprising. "Do you think he might still have friends on the Antares?" she asked.

"It's possible that not all Consortium agents were excised from existing ships, and that there were some still loyal to Mex... their former CO." He replied.

"Are we being send in to look for the Antares?" MJ asked.

He looked to his Security Chief. "Ostensibly yes. There is still no evidence that he is on the Antares. So we are simply looking for a missing ship, at this time."

"How soon do we need to get underway?" Jenni asked, wondering how long she had to ensure everything was ready for departure.

"We'll be departing within the hour. Any other priorities have been superceded. This is our primary objective. Locate this piece of crap, and throw him back in the stockade." Jacob replied to the Commander. He paused for a second. This mission was going to be extremely personal for him, and he better not let his personal feelings cloud his judgement."

Kestra continued to listen, as Executive Officer one of her most important duties was to execute the lawful orders of her Commanding Officer but even more important was the responsibility to the crew of the Unification. The man they were to pursue seemed in many ways a white whale for the Captain. Kestra was definitely not going to let personal feelings let him endanger the ship or soil his so far sterling record. "Captain, while the circumstances are suspicious I will admit. Are there any natural or other phenomena in the system that could explain the Antares' lack of contact? I would also like to request your permission to review maintenance and other reports on the Antares to see if some technical malfunction can be the cause. Perhaps Commander Matthews could help me there?" She added to the conversation.

Jenni nodded to the woman whom had remained silent for all this time. "I could get those within a few minutes," she stated. "But parsing through them to find any abnormalities or clues will take much longer."

"Do whatever you can to find Mexena." he snapped angrily. He paused for a second and realised what he had just said. "The Antares. Do whatever you can to find the Antares."

Kestra was a bit startled by the man's angry response, she had never expected him to lose his temper like that. This was definitely an assignment where she would need to keep an eye on him. "Of course, Captain. Commander, I will meet you shortly to look through the records"

"I'd need to make sure Engineering is good to go before we can began parsing, but I can at least get those files before then," Jenni stated. "Should just need fifteen minutes in all."

"Let's get it done." He went to stand up. "Does anyone have anything else?"

The Chief Engineer shook her head, adding, "No, Captain." For her, there was much to do and little time to do it all in.

"Negative," MJ said.

Jacob stood and turned. He was half way out the door when he snapped back to his officers "Dismissed."


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