USS Unification
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No rest for the wicked

Posted on Wed Jul 9th, 2014 @ 4:30pm by Lieutenant Olivia Dawn

Mission: Episode 3 - Winds of Change
Location: Personal Quarters
Timeline: ???

She laid in her bed, her eyes plastered open, she could feel the twitch hitting her left eye. Taking a deep breath she went to get out of bed and she tripped out of bed. Her face planted into her nightstand.

"For the love of God." she hissed.

Trying to find her combadge she knocked over another vase, she finally found it.

"WHAT!" she screamed into it. She had been working for sixteen hours straight and she was itching for some rest.

"Lieutenant, we have a problem with deck 23." came the voice of the ACEO.

"What is it twitch?" she asked.

"There is a large plasma fire Ma'am. The problem is even with the Fire Suppression(FS) system there is no way to make it end." the Andorian replied.

"Which FS protocol did it call up?" she asked.

"Uhmm..." he paused.

"I will be there in a minute. Right now notify the bridge." she said chirping off the commline.

-Main Engineering

She waltzed in with her workbelt and her labcoat. She pressed on the Situation Console, and it was not responding. "Hey... Bubbles, what is this?" she said coldly.

"Five stations have dropped Lieutenant." reported a voice in the background.

"Twitchy suit up the Fire Teams, Gear up for a Class 7 Plasma. Someone notify the CO tell him what is happening. Have Medical be prepared. Someone get my damned Master Control up, and Sensors for the deck too." she paused looking down on the blank screens. "Reroute through 17 Alpha."

"Lieutenant 17 Alpha is weapon control." came the same small mousy voice.

"Than they will have to share, reroute via 17 Alpha tertiary access, and 18 Delta primary access." she paused and wanted to reach out to someone but who. How the heck could this ship catch a plasma fire. They were not dealing with bio-neural circuitry.

"Dawn to Ops Chief come in." Ollie pressed her combadge attached to her tank.


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