USS Unification
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I can be political, but I am flossing my toenails

Posted on Tue Apr 8th, 2014 @ 10:44am by Lieutenant Olivia Dawn
Edited on on Tue Apr 8th, 2014 @ 11:45am

Mission: Episode 3 - Winds of Change
Location: Main Engineering
Tags: Colonel Wright

"Dawn you were warned..." she said to herself before leaving the comfort of the turbolift. "Now come on! Get this ship up and running." she said to herself and the door burst open with whom she assumed was the captain.

"Ugh... Hi!" she waved in a friendly girlish manner and ran out of the turbolift.

"That was close." she said to herself, "I almost had to meet the Captain and well I think it would of been better to have gotten his ship fixed first...." even if it was in a heap of a mess.

Walking into her engine room, she smiled, the smell of uranium and various alloys being burned to a crisp. "I love the smell... OI" she screamed as a loose bulkhead crashed down before her.

"Idiot! What are you doing?" she screamed at the man who was hanging from a harness. "Keep it up and I will hang you with the blasted thing!"

"Where is my assistant?" she screamed.

Three officers pointed up words. "Ahh Noose, get your patootie down here now boy!"

'Patootie?' she asked herself in her inside voice, 'What am I seven?'

The man scrambled and came down the gantry to face her. She gave him the once over, stared him up and down, he was clearly over her height, but she watched as his antennae's twitched.

"Am I going to have to call you Noose Twitchie Twitcherson?" she paused her mouth dripping with drool. "Sorry I do that from time to time. What the hell happened down here?"

He began to explain the situation and she let out a loud boisterous yawn. "I'm bored already. Get DC Teams 1-13 working. They can concentrate on the ship primaries whilst half of you in this room concentrate on getting the warp core online. The rest of you tertiary systems."

"Uhm Lieutenant?" interupted Noose Twitcherson.

"What?" she turned around. She hated being interupted especially from an internal speech or preparing for said action.

"This is all we have for engineering." Noose said.

"What? Did the captain go on a flipping killing spree? Where are they all."

"Uhm well..."

"Uhm isn't an answer Ensign. Know what... forget you I am going to the captain." she yelled.

As she was walking out of the engineering room she tripped on a bulk head. She looked up and all she saw was a chest.


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