USS Unification

I Miss You

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2019 @ 6:25am by Captain Jacob Lambert

Mission: Episode 1 - One Arrow Does Not Kill the Serpent
Location: USS Unification
Timeline: MD03 || 0324

Running down the corridor of the Unification, phaser in hand, Jacob was starting to lose his breath. It felt like he had been running for hours. It had been a few minutes. He couldn't quite remember how he got to this point. Just running, and running. His objective just out of reach. He aimed his phaser and fired again. They dodged it again! He was never going to catch him.

More running, for what felt like even longer. His objective rounded another corner, into... a cargo bay? Or a holodeck. What deck was he on? He wasn't sure. He arrived at the door, it was a cargo bay. It opened, and he entered. He took a step forward, onto the grass. The sun beaming down on him. Did it feel like Risa? He was confused. He walked forward.

"Jacob!" He heard a voice coming from behind him. He turned. "Jacob, over here!" She was standing at the end of the table.

"Rebecca! What are you doing here? How did you get on the Unification?" He asked, confused.

"Unification? That's your next posting, isn't it? Stop being weird. Come and sit down." She was sitting on a blanket on the beach. "Have a drink." She handed him a Samarian sunset.

He took the drink from her, and placed it on the bar, after flicking the glass the clear liquid turned a beautiful golden colour. He turned his head, seeing Rebecca Kiani in a beautiful flowing dress. What kind of dress is that for a beach? He thought, then glanced around realising he was on Sarona VIII. This was the Blue Parrot Café. It made sense now.

"I miss you." He said, his voice full of emotion. "I miss you so much."

"What do you mean miss me? We haven't been apart for 5 months. In fact, I still have 4 weeks before I take over the Princeton."

"I know. I mean, I don't know. I just feel like something is wrong. I have a bad feeling. Shall we just go on shore leave? You disappear from the Princeton, I can disappear from the Unification, and we can just go away for a few weeks."

She smiled at him. "That's ridiculous. We can't just abandon our posts. That would be treason. And we both know that would be pity treasonous."

A sudden fear ran through him, turning his blood cold. "What did you say?"

"I said that would be pretty treasonous. Abandoning our posts. And I haven't Captained a ship before. So I don't want to destroy my chances before I even get on board. But I feel like this isn't the conversation we had." She looked at him quizzingly.

"What? We never had this conversation before." He replied confused.

"Yes, we did. Only we weren't talking about abandoning our posts. We were planning our next shore leave for a few months away. And then I leave this bar, and you stayed, and had a drink with Sunon."

"No!" He shouted. "Not him!"

Sunon appeared, carrying his own drink. He sat at the bar next to Rebecca and Jacob. "Pity is treason, Jacob."

"What does that mean?" Jacob asked worryingly.

"Pretty good reason for shore leave?" The Bolian replied. His hand dropped to his jacket pocket. He pulled out a blade. He stood from the stool, walked around Jacob and sat behind Rebecca. "Pity is treason, Jacob." He thrust the knife in the back of Rebecca.

Jacob stood in panic. He grabbed Rebecca as she fell, Sunon had disappeared. Jacob was on his knees, holding Rebecca. "This never happened. What the hell is going on?" Jacobs's eyes went blurry, Rebecca had gone. He stood up, the sun shining on his back. He saw Sunon in the distance, holding a knife dripping in blood. He ran toward him, pulling out a phaser that he had been wearing. "Sunon!" he roared across the beach. They both began running.

Sunon ran up the beach, toward a hut on the edge of the sand. He entered the hut, Jacob followed. He kept running, the corridor of the Unification blocking his view of Sunon. He saw him facing the wall in front of him. He aimed his phaser at Sunon.

"Captain Mexena, You are hereby under arrest for the murder of hundreds of Starfleet personnel."

"You won't make it stick Jacob." He turned toward him, still holding the knife.

Jacob fired his phaser. It went right through Sunon. Jacob fired, again, Sunon walking slowly towards him. He fired again, and again. Sunon was inches from Jacob. "Why are you doing this Sunon? We were friends." He asked, his voice breaking unsettled.

"Because, my dear friend Jacob. Pity. Is. Treason." Sunon thrust the blade info Jacobs's chest.

Jacob screamed in pain and sat up in his bed. He went to the replicator and tapped some of the keys. He disabled the non-alcoholic setting on the replicated. He was not in the mood for synthahol right now. He tapped again and made a drink. A Samarian sunset. He held it up in front of him. "I miss you, Rebecca." He swallowed the drink in one go and replicated another. "I'm going to kill that bastard."