USS Unification

Commander Aztala Germond

Name Aztala Germond

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Commander


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Fri Aug 14th, 2015 @ 11:36am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11”
Weight 160lb
Hair Color stark white
Eye Color pale violet
Physical Description Regal yet feminine stance, slim and athletic, with chiseled pale green features, long stark white hair capped by a simple gray and white metallic crown, pale violet eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family 4 survivors from her colony.

Personality & Traits

General Overview She sees it as her solemn duty to lend aid to anyone that asks and refuses to ask anyone to do anyhting she wouldn't do herself, commonly leading those under her charge directly and head on.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths – very direct and insightful into the minds of most of her combat opponents, both space and ground. Weaknesses – has difficulty understanding science, engineering, and personal relations. Often feels distant from people because of her vows. Mildly claustrophobic.
Ambitions To fulfill her vows and life debt to the captain and crew that saved her and her remaining people.
Hobbies & Interests Judo, Thai Chi, meditation, and action/adventure novels and holonovels.

Personal History Born on a small Klingon colony world on the Klingon-Federation border that just wants to live peacefully, our heroine, Aztala, lives a quiet yet rich life, the princess and soon to be queen of the small colony of 200+ various Orions. Most have taken a vow of non-violence and many have vowed never to use their powers to manipulate others. The small royal family is no exception to this, being the leading example for all.

One day, Ferengi traders came to their small spaceport looking to trade various supplies. As they descended, they launched gas canisters across the colony, quickly spreading knockout gas through every building. After a few minutes, the Ferengi cargo ship lands and begins transporting unconscious people directly to the slave cages in the cargo bay, taking the entire colony to be sold to the consortium in the delta quadrant. At the speed of plot, the Ferengi ship makes its way towards the Bajoran wormhole to sell off their precious cargo but is stopped in federation space by raiders and pirates. After a fierce battle, the pirates finally disable the Ferengi ship, causing power to fail and the cages to unlock. Aztala quickly seizes the moment, leading her people through the ship with her few warrior-hunters, knocking out and tying up the crew, quickly securing the ship just prior to the bandits clamping their lead ship to the docking rings and boarding by force. As they attempted to repel the invaders, yet more beamed aboard into the cargo hold, slaughtering many of the pacifists still there waiting. It was a grim situation, the Orions outmatched and out armed, dying by the dozens at the hands of the raiders. Aztala, still on the bridge, finally found the emergency SOS beacon and got it switched on. After a few minutes, a Starfleet vessel suddenly apeared in the forward windows on the bridge, firing at the bandits, destroying several of their smaller ships with ease. The bandit flagship, quickly disconnected and jumped to warp, leaving their people on board, venting most of the atmosphere and people out into space, only leaving the 4 on the bridge alive.

After being beamed aboard the federation ship directly to sickbay, she identified herself and her people to the captain and medical officer as the last of her colony. During the discussion, she swore a life debt to him, and though he refused it, he did request that she repay him by similarly dedicating her life to Starfleet as he did, to which she gladly agreed. Before that, there was a ceremony to attend to, though. She asked the captain to scan for her mother, the queen, so she may at least perform final rites for her and her people. They beamed her to the morgue, prepared her for the ceremony, said their customary prayers, and laid her to rest. At the end, Aztala did as generations before her had done – she pulled the white crown from her mother's head and placed it upon her own, taking responsibility for her remaining people and vowing to care of them to the best of her ability, also swearing never to remove that crown under the eyes of her aancestors until death.

The next day, the captain processed her application to Starfleet Academy with all required forms for Orions, including the agreement not to use her pheromones. A week later, she was on Earth, signing into the accademy and registering for classes, her remaining people having gone back to the colony to try to start anew.
During her classes, she excelled at command duty, though at times, she had trouble understanding the motivations and personalities of the people under her command. During the Kobayashi Maru test, she didn't hesitate to order her ship to intercept the SOS and came closer to beating the scenario than any other cadet since James Kirk. Her time in the academy passed quickly after that, the other cadets having found a certain trust in her abilities. They knew that she would do everything she could to keep everyone from harm, but if it came to it, she would fight like a rabid targ herself first. Graduating with honors in many fields, but barely passing in science and engineering classes, she got her first assignment aboard a Starfleet courier ship as the night duty officer. From there, she was assigned to a starbase as the personnel officer, where she put in her application for a position aboard the USS Unification, stationed in the Gamma Quadrant.
Service Record 4 years aboard various Starfleet courier ships as the night duty officer. 5 years aboard Starbase 31 as the personnel officer.